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News About the Film

After years of volunteering and walking in solidarity with the people living in the largest landfill community in the Caribbean, we decided their story of hope and resilience needed to be shared with the world in order to stir discussion about global poverty.

The founder of the small non-profit, Pivotal Directions, Jeff Wenzler, wanted to attempt to walk in the shoes of his friends who tirelessly go about their life, working and raising families amidst the inhumane shadow of a landfill. Despite the difficult living conditions the spirit of the people transcend the poverty.

Jeff had no experience creating film but his respect for these people, coupled with passion for sharing their story were the key ingredients for finding a way.

Jeff teamed up with two of his student volunteers, Ryan Anderson, a college student studying to become a doctor, and Callie Donavan, a high school junior, and her father, Keith Donavan, an Emmy-winning producer. Together, they would live and work in the landfill community among their friends to capture a piece of their story.

After days of unimaginable work they were able to give voice to their unheard, often avoided friends who live in the shadow of a landfill. The documentary film “10 Dollar Perspective” showcases the fact that exists across the globe, that almost 80{362db82c2501621454de804b293fdb81dcb6092710034e18480e9d8c41073244} of the population live on less than $10 a day. For those living in this landfill, poverty does not define what it means to be human.

The goal of the short film is simple: WATCH IT. DISCUSS IT. SHARE IT.

The insight into the world of poverty is one that educates, inspires, and motivates those who live more abundant lives to step outside of their comfort zones to better understand and find ways to lend a helping hand.

Being selected into The Sarasota Film Festival gave the small, grassroots initiative a platform to give voice to those who are often avoided. The power of social media as a vehicle to connect, what is often known as the First World to the Third World. Join Pivotal Directions in sharing this reality with the world through a snapshot of “10 Dollar Perspective.”