Pivotal Directions Servant Leadership Day Camp for students entering grades 6-8

Dates: TBD

9am – 3pm Daily

Location: Mequon Nature Preserve, Concordia University, Institute of Technology & Academics

Price: $195

Registration coming soon! Limited Space


Welcome to the 7th Annual Pivotal Directions Servant Leadership Day Camp. Each year, middle school and high school students from around the Milwaukee and North Shore area team up to strengthen their skills as a servant leader. This is not just a service project, nor just a fun camp. This is a true blend of the knowledge AND practice of being a Servant Leader. This day camp builds a bridge between the suburbs and the City of Milwaukee. Suburban youth stand side by side with their neighboring peers to practice skills of communication, respect and teamwork- all in an engaging and fun environment. High school students put their skills into motion by mentoring middle school students, and the middle school students will mentor at-risk children from the Institute of Technology & Academics. This unique camp takes place at three locations: The fantastic Mequon Nature Preserve, Concordia University’s beautiful lakefront environmental center, and ITA’s school campus. The youth of our partner, ITA, come from all around Milwaukee’s central city and crave attention that they so often do not receive. Locations: Monday, August 6 Mequon Nature Preserve 8200 W. County Line Rd. Mequon, WI 53097 Tuesday, August 7 and Wednesday, August 8 Concordia Center for Environmental Stewardship at Concordia University 12800 N. Lake Shore Dr. Mequon, WI Thursday, August 9 and Friday, August 10 Institute of Technology & Academics 8940 N. 85th St. Brown Deer, WI

*Early drop off and late pick up are available upon request.

Developmental Goals


True strength comes from within the individual. The times in which we live require that we develop courage to stand up for what is right, what is healthy, and what will protect your child. We cannot live a courageous life until we are introduced to courageous stories and people. Our young people must have something to model after.

Teamwork & Communication

The ability to function in a team atmosphere is an invaluable asset. Our course not only provides fun-filled activities, but we intentionally focus on what we call “Peer Praise” – the ability for youth to recognize and praise the strengths in their peers. Learning to communicate thoughts and feelings is an obstacle young leaders strive to overcome. Each activity is followed by a debrief.


Camp will offer diverse perspectives to your child on the world that surrounds them in order to develop empathy (not sympathy) for what it is like to walk in someone else’s shoes. What is it like to be poor, to be sad, lonely, to be bullied, to struggle? In contrast, what is it like to be a leader, and how can a leader combat injustice?

Highlights that make this a unique experience…

  • Diversity: Students from multiple schools, ages and backgrounds come together to learn how to become better leaders.
  • Our Leadership. Under the personal direction of Pivotal Directions, students will be inspired to become a “difference maker”. Our high school peer leaders and college leaders model lives of servant leadership that our campers will want to emulate.
  • We blend a variety of engaging activities in a fun atmosphere in order to challenge our students to learn what abilities they posses and which they can work on.
  • Spectacular facilities: The Mequon Nature Preserve, and Concordia University’s beautiful lakefront Concordia Center for Environmental Stewardship facility. In addition, we will mentor youth from around Milwaukee at the Institute of Technology & Academics located on the edge of Brown Deer and Mequon.

*Pivotal Directions summer international participants do not pay for this camp.

For more information please contact Jeff Wenzler 414-403-2279