Corporate/Adult Jamaica Volunteer Trips

October 7-13, 2019

February 3-9, 2020

Adults 18 and older have a tremendous opportunity to volunteer internationally in Kingston, Jamaica serving the poorest of the poor.

During your week-long service trip you will assist marginalized individuals with distinct challenges.

The three main locations are:

The Riverton City Landfill Community

Riverton is the site for the largest landfill in the Caribbean. The shanty town is next to the landfill and most members of the community depend in some way on the dump. Salvaging materials, trash collection, recycling, reselling items, or even eating expired food sent to the landfill. The families are resilient, playful and very welcoming of Pivotal Directions volunteers. Minor or major construction or tearing down homes, mentoring, painting, meal delivery, tutoring, arts and crafts and recreation are common activities that a volunteer assists with.

Missionaries of the Poor

This is an orphanage for children and adults with a variety of disabilities. This is a very powerful experience, often times where a volunteer has never seen such severe disabilities. The volunteer will help where needed: childcare and feeding, large motor skill development, bathing and cleaning. In many cases residents have been abandoned by their families because they cannot be cared for.

Missionaries of Charity

This is a home for the elderly who have been abandoned on the streets or cannot be cared for. Volunteers will talk with residents, shave, provide hair cuts, clip or file nails and assist with the facility chores.

Pivotal Directions provides projects and guidance for the volunteers yet there is a great deal of flexibility in the various work so that the individual can participate in activities that fit their interests.

Where We Stay:

Immaculate Conception Hostel is located on a secure private all-girls high school campus that also doubles as a convent. Please note: Pivotal Directions is a non-faith-based organization that partners with welcoming non-profits whose primary mission is serving the poorest of the poor. Volunteer rooms provide private bathrooms, safe drinking water, wi-fi, and a community kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, hot pot, and coffee pot. Common areas are quiet and spacious with 100 year-old character. There is a refreshing pool for evening plunges. *Shared rooms have multiple beds, however volunteers can make an additional donation of $100 for private single rooms.

How We Travel

Paul Williams of Instyle Tours is our personal shuttle bus driver. Paul is a friend of Pivotal Directions and has transported hundreds of volunteers for us.

What We Eat

Basic meals are provided*  Continental breakfast, snacks, either bag lunch or locally prepared food, and dinners are a mix between local fare and American. We will stop periodically at a grocery store for volunteers to purchase additional snacks. Credit cards are acceptable. If you prefer to use cash at stores or at the craft market, we recommend you use Jamaican dollars (that can be exchanged at the airport or at your bank.)

*One evening volunteers will choose a restaurant on their own.

A Typical Day

Each day starts at 8am and brings a new adventure in selfless giving. The Jamaican people, regardless of their struggle, are as welcoming as they are spirited. Hundreds of volunteers that have served in these locations over the past decade have been safe, had eye-opening experiences, and often received more than they have given.

Based on weather and the projects of the day, the group will return to the lodging between 4-6pm. Late days may start later in the morning. Evenings are filled with group discussions, swimming and down time.

Due to the nature of the corporate or family life volunteer we recognize you may need to communicate back home. There is wi-fi is in our lodging (if you do not have an international data/calling plan.) Packing lists will be sent to the group as the team is formed.

Many companies offer Corporate Matching Programs. Pivotal Directions, Inc. is a registered 501c3 charitable non-profit organization. All personal donations are tax deductible. If you work for a company such as Salesforce they will match dollar for dollar if you personally make a donation. The minimum donation required to volunteer in Jamaica is $2000. For example, if you donate $1000 they will match the rest.

In addition, volunteers receive their own unique fundraising page to share with family and friends via social media to assist with reaching the minimum donation amount. This is optional. Any additional funds are appreciated by those we serve. The simple act of purchasing some groceries for a family or orphanage can be very rewarding.

Pivotal Directions is unique in that we offer a variety of projects that allow for the volunteer to serve diverse populations. Volunteering in a landfill community is very unique and unlike any community you have been to before. We believe that you will have a truly “pivotal” experience and will form wonderful relationships during your stay.


Contact Jeff Wenzler for more information OR 414-403-2279