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Day 1

Help us reach our $4000 goal to tear down a rotted and inhumane shack and rebuild a dignified one-room home for an elderly man living in a garbage dump community in Kingston, Jamaica.
Our Pivotal Directions student volunteers will use your generous support to work side by side unemployed community members to build hope together for Mr. Morris.
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Thank you does not even express our gratitude!
Pivotal Directions, Inc is a 501c3 charitable organization. Donations are tax-deductible.
Donations by check- payable to:

Every donation will be put to great use. 

Approximate Costs:
$5 will buy 1 pack of three dust masks.
$10 will buy 2 protective helmets for volunteer builders.
$20 will buy a lock for the front door.
$25 will buy a load of sand for the new home’s foundation. $30 will buy a bucket of paint. $50 will purchase a window or bed mattress.
$60 wood for building bed frame.
$75 will purchase a new front door. $90 will purchase concrete block for the new home’s exterior foundation.
$100 Hardware (nails) and hurricane clips.
$150 – $300 wood framing and ply board.
$400 refrigerator

$350 will buy zinc (metal) sheeting and roofing materials.