When someone passes away, they don’t disappear, their legacy lives on in stories, memories, and in the lives of those they have touched. Pivotal Directions is a 501c3 charitable organization that helps to carry on the legacy of your loved one by distributing funds to a worthy cause, often times just to help a family survive.

Pivotal Directions provides you an opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of the poorest of the poor, those people who live in a landfill community in Kingston, Jamaica. We connect volunteers from the US to those living in poverty.

The following needs are what your Memorial donation will go toward:
$3500 Our student volunteers will tear down and rebuild a two room home for someone in dire need.
$2000 will build a standard one room home for someone in dire need.
$500 will buy a family their first refrigerator or freezer chest.
$300 will provide elderly shut-ins a hot meal for a week.
$250 will provide a child bus fare for one school year
$150 will provide a child their school fee for one school year
$50 will buy a student new school shoes and a uniform

The Riverton community is a shanty town that is set in the shadow of the largest garbage dump in the Caribbean. The inhabitants are some of the most resilient, friendly and hopeful people. Their homes are made from things they scavenge from the landfill such as pallets and cardboard. They are often infested with rats, termites and have serious water damage.

All too often their expired food comes from garbage trucks heading into the dump. Most families live on less than $10 a day. Our volunteers are making a difference providing basic needs of shelter, food, education and love.