Jamaica: June 20-27, 2017


Co-educational trip for students in grades 8-12

Please call to book this trip. 414-403-2279

Jamaica: June 20-27, 2017

2 spots left! Call 414-403-2279


June 12-19, 2017- No Space


Our students travel to Kingston from Milwaukee to serve the most marginalized in a landfill community and area orphanages for the physically and cognitively challenged. Each day our student servant leaders engage in various activities that are needed in schools, neighborhoods, and orphanages. Examples of volunteer activities are: tutoring, painting, cleaning, field trips for youth, serving/delivering meals to the hungry, recreation, music, arts and crafts. Each night is filled with group reflection, speakers, and team building, and leadership training.

Jamaica Sample Itinerary

Day 1 Travel Day 

Arrive in Kingston. Settle into lodging at Immaculate Conception Convent, located on an all girls secure, private high school campus.


Day 2  Sports Day.

To be created and hosted by our students for at-risk children. 

Day 3-4  – Riverton

Riverton City Landfill Community. 

Welcome community introduction. Mentoring at Riverton Early Childhood Development Center or Bailey’s School, Optional cooking class.Meal distribution to elderly shut ins. Evening leadership training and reflection.

Riverton neighborhood renovation projects. Optional cooking class. Meal distribution to elderly shut ins.

Evening leadership training and reflection.

Day 5 – Spanish Town Orphanage for Abused Children

Speaker. Evening leadership training and reflection.

Day 6 – Missionaries of the Poor Orphanage and Riverton.

Day 7 – Evening students will process the week, present peer awards, and

learn how to translate the week’s experiences into their daily lives back


Day 8 – Travel Day

Return home with a new perspective.