Homeless Night

Homeless night – A Camp for Middle School Students.


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Location: TBD


The reality……

100 million people worldwide are homeless

Join us to experience what it might feel like to be homeless for 1 night

Middle school students will gather to learn about homelessness, discuss it with their peers, and build basic shelters to sleep outside with the help of local high school and college mentors. Large and small group discussion, activities, speakers and team building will sure to inspire you to consider the realities that surround us. 

After creating sleeping shelters, our students will attempt to brave whatever weather is thrown their way for the night. With just a sleeping bag, hat and mittens, they will experience just a taste of what it is like to step out of their suburban comfort zone. 

The goal is to be a little uncomfortable. A little cold and bellies wanting… we will survive for one short night! It will be educational, experiential, engaging, and even inspiring. This has been a successful experience for many colleges and high schools across the country BUT only Pivotal Directions offers this opportunity for middle school students.

Students arrive at 6pm with only the clothes on their back, a sleeping bag, a hit and mittens (or gloves) no hand warmers please, and be prepared for a tremendous eye-opening experience. Continuous activities, teamwork and discussion, with awesome high school and college leadership will help the night go fast. Students who cannot go the distance are welcome inside to get some sleep. Just trying to walk (or sleep) in someone else’s shoes is an admirable pursuit that will not soon be forgotten.