Definition of Pivotal:
Of crucial importance in relation to the development or success of something or someone; fixed on as if on a pivot.

The definition of Pivotal says it all. Pivotal Directions gives an individual the opportunity to experience an event or moment "of crucial importance" that has the possibility to aid in the adolescent "development or success" of an individual. Pivotal Directions similarly gives one the opportunity to pivot the direction of their life. High school is a challenging time of rigorous schoolwork, difficult relationships, and also a time where you are struggling to determine your identity. Therefore, some adolescents are in need
of a reality, where they realize that life is not about A's, or sitting with the popular girls at lunch. Life is an opportunity to give back to God's people and aid others in their life journeys and with their goals. Pivotal Directions gave me the opportunity to leave a destructive mindset, and enter into a physical and mental place of comfort and confidence thanks to the outstanding amount of leadership opportunities that this trip has to offer. Thank you Pivotal Directions for gifting me with this life changing opportunity!

Female, Jamaica Experience

"I am, without a doubt, more grateful for the life I live here. Specific conversations and group discussions we had in Jamaica still stick with me when I hear someone complaining, or when I am upset about something that really doesn’t matter. My outlook and appreciation for the small blessings I overlook on an everyday basis are a step in the process of perspective changes and transformation in bettering ones' self."

Ariana Badran, Dominican High School - Jamaica Trip

THANK YOU! Josie has returned to us with a new outlook on life! Her stories are filled with a level of empathy and compassion that we have not seen. Those qualities have always been within Josie, but she is able to express and articulate these feelings in an incredibly mature manner. She emotes feelings and expressions never before seen. You have given our daughter an experience that can never be replicated. We believe she has always had the desire to lead, but never the confidence. We will do everything in our power to nurture and support this strong daughter that you have returned to us.

With our deepest gratitude,

Peg and Steve Rolfs, Whitefish Bay

This was a leadership experience that will last our daughter her lifetime. An overall amazing international outreach program that we could highly recommend to other families with teens that need to see outside the box we live in. Our daughter came back with a greater appreciation and a more realistic view of the world.
Thanks Pivotal Directions for this experience!

Parent of a girl on the Jamaica Experience

Amazing life changing experience!

Parent of a boy on the Guatemala Experience

My daughter had a wonderful experience; physically challenged, emotionally touched and culturally enriched.

Parent of a girl on Guatemala Experience

"Working in the school and the orphanage was a shock and it was very sad, but the moment I was just speechless was when I looked down into the dump. I had absolutely no idea that there were people living that low of quality of life. I have volunteered at soup kitchens and schools here in Milwaukee, so I have been around those less fortunate, but still the most life changing insane thing I have ever seen was the dump. I can still envision it perfectly. This was life changing. I feel like my perspective on life changed. I try to look at the world more positive and do what I can to help out, granted I could be doing way more."

Ryann Laudon, Divine Savior Holy Angels - Guatemala Trip

He is more appreciative and is always thanking us. I love it when he just comes up to me and says “I love you mom!” He rarely did this before the trip.

"My son loved this trip and that is what counts to me!”

This trip really changed my perspectives on life and how we interact every single day. I can speak for the rest of the group and thank our parents very much for the opportunities that we are blessed to have. Thanks for everything!

Patrick Reiman, Marquette University High School

I wanted to personally thank you for the amazing opportunity that you granted me with. I have always had this image of a young, confident, adventurous, and inspiring woman in my mind that I have always strived to be and I believe that I began to find her throughout Jamaica. Due to this trip, you gave me the opportunity to discover and reveal my identity. I was able to get a peek at the young woman that I want to be in life, as well as the path that I sometime hope to follow. I have never received so much insight and knowledge throughout a week period. I walked away from that trip feeling like a new woman that has the ability to lead and inspire others, while having faith in myself. Because of some apprehension I considered not going to Kingston. However, I saw Jamaica as an opportunity to actually go out and live by my motto: "Viva la vita. Inspire la Gente." It is Italian for “Live the Life. Inspire the People”. That is now my main goal and motivation in life. I honestly do not think I will ever be able to thank you enough for the effort and time that you put into this trip, as well as your inspirational devotion and dedication of living this life of generosity and faith. I can honestly say that Jamaica changed my life. Every leader, child, mother, father, speaker, and fellow pivotal directionist (I think I just made up my own word) added to my experience and taught me something unique. Pivotal Directions taught me to follow my dreams, and for that I will forever be thankful. I have never experienced so much genuine happiness than within those 8 days and you are to thank for that. You have given me a whole new perspective on this amazing life that I am blessed to be a part of. Thank you for displaying your trust and confidence in me, because you finally helped me see the unique talents that I have to offer God's people.

Grace Druml, Divine Savior Holy Angels